10th Dec Hunter Is to Port Clinton

Wind   E  NE 10 – 15   Sunny    55 nm

Headed off about 6:30 with no wind and plenty of current against us. The current seemed to have an east west flow for most of the morning as we made little headway only averaging 4 knots. Once we cleared Thirsty Sound it changed for the better and we were able to pick up speed slightly with the main and screecher up.

Morgan and I sat up the front on the dolphin seats and watched for marine life as we glided over the glassy sea. Plenty of small crabs passed us and flared their nippers every time we came close to them. Not sure how they thought they would attack us.

leopard sharknot my photo

A beautiful yellow and black Leopard shark was basking on the surface then lazily filcked its long caudal fin to move out of our way passing down the side of the boat. He was spectacular to look at with his bright yellow colouring but sadly they are on the vulnerable list as apparently they make good shark meat. Morgan was very excited to see him along with  the schools of blue iridescent flying fish that skipped across the water as we disturbed them.

the lookout

We reached Port Clinton at 3:30 with no fish on the line much to John’s disappointment, the lures had been trolled all day with not even a touch. We anchored up the inlet at anchorage A not far from the beach but hopefully just out of reach of the sandflies.


Morgan and I took the dingy ashore for some well earned exercise. She was so excited to be on terra firma she raced up and down the shallows looking for the usual, fish, then dug holes in the soft sand. She was full of energy as she doesn’t usually dig holes. I wandered the beach and because a breeze was blowing wasn’t bothered by the sandflies.


No one had been on the beach for a while as no footprints were visible even above the high tide mark. I found a bright red small scallop shell amongst the debris on the tidal mark and spotted a colourful variegated Tun except it still housed its owner so I threw it back in the water.

Australian Fan scallop

Friz and John enjoyed an early beer on the boat listening to the cricket highlights of the day on the portable radio. A few sandflies made the journey across to the boat but some Bushman’s kept them at bay. We watched the sun sink slowly over the hills as we sat and had a beer and a Kaluah


Mince and cabbage stir fry for dinner then early to bed as we were all tired..

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