Sun 24th May Gold Coast City Marina


Breaky at the Boatworks cafe very tasty except, Jenny had a belly ache, Sandra and Doug got news that a water main had burst at their shop in Maclean and, the arcade in Maclean burnt down destroying Kevy and Hoggys lifestyle shop. ( they sell lifestyle comforts and home aids)Not good news at all.

We drove over to Runaway bay Marina to the marine auctions and watched a Perry 43 and a Grainger 38 go very cheaply. They were being sold by the public trust as they had been confiscated by the police for running drugs.

Wayne and Deb not game to move a finger
Wayne and Deb not game to move a finger at the auction

Back to GCCM and a quick look at the expo with Sandra and Doug. Friz and Tracey left before breakfast and Deb and Wayne left after the auction.

Doug was interested in the electric bikes but the wheel s were too small. Sandra and Doug headed back to Maclean and Jenny went to bed early as her belly was playing up. A diarrhoea bug leading to a very wakeful night.

the electric bike and Doug
the electric bike and Doug

Sat 23rd May Sanctuary Cove Boat Show

Jenny, Sandra , Doug and Morgan went for an early morning walk up to the Boatworks ( another marina and hardstand) before breaky and came across one of the pirate boats currently being used in the latest Pirates of The Caribbean movie. It was hauled out for some work and also to be stored when it wasn’t being used,it was very authentic looking.

photophoto (2)

We also came across John chatting to Andrew Laycock from Khancoban, Andrew was on his way to Darwin and called in for a look at the show and came across John strolling along. (small world)                      Pirate photos courtesy of Sandra Jenkins

Back to the boat and Deb and Wayne had arrived so we headed up to the marina cafe for breaky in a sunny sheltered spot overlooking the water. After breaky we caught the marine rescue boat to Sanctuary Cove as they had a courtesy boat service happening for a $10 fee. Happy to donate my money to marine rescue.

Heading off in Marina Rescue Jacobs Well

The boat show was smaller than usual as some of the exhibitors were split between the two sites of expo at GCCM and SC.

Still a good day was had by all, Friz and Tracey ordered all of their electrics for their boat that they are refurbishing, Deb and Wayne bought polish for theirs and I bought books, polish and a gizmo(Seabung) for changing the seacocks whilst in the water.

Back to O’vive where we sat  down to takeaway Indian from Randhawas at Hope Island which was delivered for  $6.95. How cheap was the delivery and when talking to the driver he uses his own car and gets $3 of the 7. Nick Jenkins came to tea and everyone agreed it was excellent Indian. It was a little too hot for me though.

There was quite a bit of frivolity after dinner but everyone except Friz and Wayne had turned in by 10:30, they stayed up for a bullshit session and more rum.


Fri 22nd May Coomera River

Jenny had a dental appointment at Hope Island marina at 9:30 so headed off in the dinghy with shopping bags as well. We needed a few supplies for the visitors.

While Jenny’s teeth were examined John read the paper and enjoyed coffee and croissants at a local coffee shop. Bought a few supplies at a gourmet  butchers and Coles then back to the dinghy dock. So handy to have a dinghy dock right near the supermarket.

Another mansion near Hope Island

After loading groceries onboard O’vive we motored up to GCCM, the wind had become quite strong and as the pontoon was only about 8m long we called for assistance to tie up. With help from the crew on the dock and John’s expert manoeuvring we tied up without damage.

John, Morgan and I had lunch at the marina cafe then strolled through the expo until Friz and Tracey arrived at 4:30. It was great to see them again.

Sandra and Doug arrived an hour later so a long happy hour ensued. Jenny being the sober one drove us all to dinner at The Boardwalk Pub at Coomera about 5 minutes away where everyone decided the meals were very average. Back to O’vive for more drinks.

Thurs 21st May South Straddie to Coomera River

Wind N 10 knts              sunny            HT 11.10

Another calm peaceful morning except the odd stink boat that roared past later on sending  huge rolling waves over to us. I guess we were anchored almost in the channel as we were somewhat gunshy.

A few cleaning chores and much to our surprise ‘Back Friday’ motored past heading to Mooloolaba. We pulled anchor and motored with the tide up the Coomera River past some very impressive dwellings and anchored on a large sweeping bend just past Sanctuary Cove Marina. We were heading for Gold Coast City Marina (GCCM )the next day as we were expecting visitors while the boat show was on.

Hope Island mansion sold last year for 18M

Had a lazy afternoon then took the dinghy up to GCCM to check out our berth for the next few days.

Jenny and Morgan got off at a park and played ball then back to the boat before a storm arrived.

Green curry chicken for dinner with coconut rice and a peaceful sleep.


Wed 20th May South Stradbroke Island

Wind NE 5 – 10 knts sunny , slightly overcast –  South Stradbroke Island

Woke up to a lovely calm anchorage very quiet, Agile wallabies were feeding on the shoreline picking up the mangrove pod. They were very pretty looking with a dark stripe between their large ears and a pale cheek stripe on each side of their face. Morgan was fascinated as we were anchored quite close to the shore.

Agile Kangaroos on South Stradbroke

After toad in the hole for breakfast we lowered the dinghy and motored up to Marina Mirage at Southport to get a newspaper and a coffee. The new 5hp motor on the dinghy made the going slow and it took us about 40 mins to get there. We stopped at Bums Bay pontoon near Seaworld to let Morgan have a run, circled Back Friday ( Brian and Debbie’s boat- they left Yamba a day before us) . They weren’t home so we continued on.

We ended up having lunch at a cafe at Marina Mirage then headed back to Ovive. Lunch was very ordinary and overpriced.

Oh dear! As we approached O’vive we could see she was sitting on her hulls out of the water but on a crazy angle. The tide had gone out and the wind which had got a lot stronger had pushed her around onto the shore, not good. She looked to be sitting on her keels and rudder but at that stage the props wern’t touching which was good.



High tide was at 10:10 pm and it was only 2:00 pm so we had a long stressful wait for the tide to get to its lowest at 3:30 then start rising again. We sat on the deserted beach for a while and waited.

this bloke can read the paper anywhere

Morgan was very hot as she wasn’t allowed out of the dinghy because no dogs are allowed on Stradie so we finally put her on the tilted Ovive.


The tide rose slowly but the rudders had sunk into the sand so we needed some buoyancy to pull them out. To add to our problems stink boats kept roaring up the channel making a huge wash which would rock O’vive putting more strain on the rudders and keels.


Eventually we climbed aboard rather than bake in the sun and read for a few hours until the tide crept up. Eventually we leveled up and about 7:30 we were floating. Relief. We pulled the anchor and moved further into the channel to re anchor. It was strange that we ran aground as we had already been through a low tide the night before and didn’t touch bottom.

Dinner was a simple affair of very tasty venison and potato soup cooked fairly quickly in the pressure cooker  as we wern’t overly hungry, then off to bed.

The anchor alarm went off in the night but we hadn’t dragged so we re set it for 170 ft as we had 24 m of chain and bridle out. Will have to work out how to change the anchor alarm from feet to metres.


Tues 19th May Yamba to Gold Coast

90 nm  Overcast  Wind 5 -10 knts SW

Departed Yamba at 6:00 through the bar as we had anchored at Whiting Beach overnight instead of staying in the Marina, quite swelly in the bay. As we headed out the tide was coming in, there was stuff all wind and a slight fog. At least we had enough light to pick a track to exit the breakwater through the swell. A yacht was sitting outside waiting for the light so he could see to cross the bar as there were quite a few rolling  waves on the northern end.

Pulled out the jib and headed north on 7.3 knots of wind , we kept the motors going as we wanted to get through the Seaway before the tide changed at 9:30 pm.

The day was uneventful only managing an average of 6.6 knts. John had several sleeps but because Jenny had taken tablets she couldn’t sleep so Morgan moved up to first mate instead of second.

John and the Captain

We sailed close to the coast to keep out of the 3 – 5 knt current that flows south around Byron which was slightly further out. The wind shifted round to the north as we travelled further up the coast so we had to drop the jib and motor. Morgan and I saw a pod of dolphins  and John saw a whale way out.

The Gold Coast at sunset

Arrived outside the Seaway ay 9:00 but tricky to distinguish the beacons on the breakwater against fisherman with red lights fishing in the entrance. Took it slow and finally dropped anchor at 9:30 off South Stradbroke Island just north of the Seaway. Reheated some stew for dinner then went to bed as we seemed to be very tired.


Sailing North